• Zoll M Series CCT 12 Lead SpO2 ETCO2 NIBP Pacing Analyze Capnostat T1-T2-P1-P2

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    Zoll M Series Biphasic 200 Joules Max CCT Defibrillator/Monitor German face English language. 

    12 Lead- SpO2- ETCO2- NIBP-T1-T2-P1-P2 Pacing -Analyze-12SL Program

    Loaded set all included ---that you need all cables charger battery even items like hooks and mount. 

    Unit pass self test-No Error codes-No service message  ----Rescue ready-----All on pictures included.  

    Al units will be set to default settings before dispatch. Internal clock will be set and date will be set. 

    1. 12-lead ECG Cable + V cable- Original ZOLL 
    2. Multifunction Cable-Original
    3. Masimo SpO2 Cable -Original
    4. Masimo SpO2 Sensor-Original
    5. Capnostat plus Airway adaptor Original
    6. BP Hose and Cuff-Original
    7. Base charger included original
    8. Good Battery included.
    9. Ambulance mount with charger included.
    10. Case plus carry case plus straps and hooks to hang unit included 
    11. Recorder Paper New
    12. Power Cord

    Bonus-Free Pads 2 sets Adult Paediatric masimo single use sensors plus printer paper ecg electrodes other smalls as per picture important this is free and some will have a short expiry date or need replacing or was already open so not new names and make could very per set but we make sure all buyers receive as close to same and fair as possible. 

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