• Soni Smooth DT1 Compact Cosmetic Laser ultrasound waves Anti-ageing Facelifting

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    Soni Smooth DT1 Compact Cosmetic Laser ultrasound waves Anti-ageing Facelifting +pop up advert

    Limited stock only one all on picture included. We dont supply gel.

    Serial Number:

    Associated Equipment:
    Ultrasonic Transducing Handset

    SXS-10 Cartridge
    Serial number: 101968018

    SXS-8 Cartridge
    Serial number: 81968018

    SXS-4 Cartridge
    Serial number: 41968018

    Operator Training Manuals

    Version: 13201706

    Condition Report:
    Unit power up and completed the system initialisation. Touch screen and main function menu is accessible once the password is entered. Treatment screen and parameters adjustment are working fine. Rotary selector knob is functional. Cartridge identification when plugged in is working. The cartridge remaining lines are as follow: SXS-4: 4164/8000, SXS-8: 4706/8000 & SXS-10: 7798/8000. Unit is in good cosmetic and physical condition.

    Non-invasive - Anti-ageing - Facelifting

    soniXsmooth technology focuses ultrasound waves through an acoustic lens, this focused wave passes without effect through the skin tissue, until it reaches its converging point.

    At that point, it produces thermal or even mechanical effects.

    This allows therapists to perform complete non-invasive skin tightening treatments.

    soniXsmooth Features

    • High-Resolution colour touch-screen

    • Sophisticased & simple user interface

    • Easily detachable cartidges

    • sXs-10 cartridge for 1.5mm depth - Papillary layer

    • sXs-8 cartridge for 3.0mm depth - Reticular layer

    • sXs-4 cartidge for 4.5mm depth - Fascia (SMAS) layer

    • Easy to manoeuvre & light-weight

    • Treatment selection knob

    • 2nd Generation sXs cartridges

    • Fast & simple to adjust and setup

    • Multiple safety features for both client and operator

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