• Luoxis Diagnostics RedoxSYS Diagnostic System Pelican Storm Case iM2075 Calibrat

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    Luoxis Diagnostics RedoxSYS Diagnostic System in Pelican Storm Case iM2075 with Calibration
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    This novel, patented system measures two distinct parameters to determine redox potential of a biological sample:

    Static ORP (sORP): valuable “snapshot” of current redox balance, which appears to correlate with illness, injury severity and mortality. A higher sORP reading is indicative of oxidative stress
    Capacity ORP (cORP): amount of antioxidant reserves, which appears to correlate with the ability to respond to illness or injury

    Provides reliable and complete results in just four minutes with two simple steps

    • 1-Obtain a biologic sample using standard collection techniques (plasma, serum, CSF, or urine)
    • 2-Place the sensor into the analyzer and pipette 30 microliters of the sample onto the sensor. Complete results are provided within four minutes

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