• MGP Gamma Detectors HDS-101G Rapid Small Battery Wearable Handheld

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    MGP Gamma Detectors HDS-101G Rapid Small Battery Wearable Handheld-Very limited stock.
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    HDS-101G instruments are handheld devices designed to search for and identify radioactive materials and to respond to radiological threats such as illicit trafficking and RDDs.

    They are able to identify radionuclides and classify them as medical, industrial, naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM) and special nuclear materials (SNM).

    They can be used to detect, localise and characterise threats during radiological surveys or for secondary screening as perfect complement for installed radiation detection portals.

    • Wide gamma measurement range
    • Very high sensitivity and fast response
    • Detection threshold relative to background level and dose rate safety alarm
    • Real time rejection of sudden background variation (VBS algorithm)
    • Automated spectra acquisition on alert and automatic identification (NMD algorithm)
    • Clear discrimination of risk categories
    • LCD display with back light
    • Spectrum display
    • Visual and audible alarms
    • Wireless communication interface
    • Designed to meet/exceed IAEA, IEC, ANSI standards
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