• Oscar 3 Ultrasonic Arthroplasty Revision Instrument bone cement Perfect conditio

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    Oscar 3 Ultrasonic Arthroplasty Revision Instrument bone cement Perfect condition

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    Serial Number:


    Associated Equipment:


    Cement Removal Handset
    Serial number: 3H-0179

    Cement removal handset
    Serial number: 3BH-0101

    Osteotome handset 
    Serial number: 3H-0180

    3x 300 Handset cables 
    Serial numbers: 2116, 2115, 1952

    2x Groove probe
    2x Acetabular (OH2030) probes
    2x Axisymmetric reverse (OHS2081) scrapper
    Piercer (OHP2061)) 
    Sterilised spanners 
    2x Size 7
    2x Size 8/9
    Overwrapped SU extension bars 
    2x OHRE2000SU 


    1 x Manual
    Foot Switch
    2 x Carry Cases
    1 x Autoclavable Box


    Version 1.00

    Condition Report:

    The generator powers-up and successfully performs its initialisation process. LCD display and LED indicators operate as expected. All associated handset cables are in good physical condition and fully functional when tested with the available handsets. Both cement removal handsets were tested with compatible probes and found to be in good working condition. The osteotomy handset responds accordingly when activated; however, it was not fully tested, as no osteotomy probe was provided. The footswitch appears to be in excellent physical condition and performs its intended function when tested. Channels activate accordingly by depressing the relevant footswitch or handpiece. The OHP2061 piercer has some residual cement at the tip of the probe which appears to be slightly worn from previous use. Small blackened region was also found along the tip of the axis symmetric reverse scraper (OHS2081); indicator of thermal effects from prior usage. The other consumable probes appear to be intact and in reasonably good condition, with minor scratches along the shafts. Similarly, the shafts of several overwrapped SU extension bars have small scratches in regions. Overall, the system and its accessories are in good physical and cosmetic condition

    The OSCAR system uses ultrasound waves for the removal of bone cement. The oscillating tip of the instrument liquefies the bone cement locally so that it can be removed by scraping. This method supports effective, fast removal of all bone cements usually used.

    Your innovative technology for precise and clean removal of bone cement.


    • Suitable for all cemented joint prostheses
    • Different probes guarantee optimal access
    • Targeted and efficient removal of old bone cement
    • Particular probes for dislodging the cement plug at the tip of the prosthesis
    • Precise preparation of the bone channel for the new shaft
    • Tactile and audible feedback at the cortical contact
    • Better plannable op process and significant reduction of operation time
    • More than 20 years of successful medical application worldwide
    • Easy setup, monitoring and reprocessing

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