• Zeiss Cirrus 4000 OCT HD Quad Core w/ Windows 7 & Software

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    Zeiss Cirrus 4000 OCT HD-Limited stock only one.In perfect condition.

    Service was done by Zeiss on 20.Apr.2018 and HD was replaced with new one.
    Next service due 20.Apr.2019

    Serial Number:

    Manufacture Date:
    07 / 2012

    Electric High Low Base
    HP Printer
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    Condition Report:
    Ready for use old date was wipe unit is in very good condition system powers up and completes the initialisation process successfully. Display screen, keyboard and mouse are in good working order. The Cirrus software is present and fully functional. The motorised positioning adjustment of the chin rest platform is operational. The camera and the fixation light are in good working order - a few test scans were carried out during the inspection and the system produced/captured clear images accordingly. The motorised table height adjustment is functional. Overall the unit is in very good physical and cosmetic condition.

    The licensed features include:
    1. Acquisition auto focus
    2. 3D volume rendering
    3. Segmentation layer editor
    4. Macular normative data
    5. Macular change analysis
    6. Macular reports
    7. Anterior segment imaging
    8. Guided progression analysis
    9. ONH and RNFL analysis
    10. Single eye summary aalysis
    11. ONH normative data
    12. Ganglion cell analysis
    13. Advanced RPE analysis
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    Image result for Zeiss Cirrus HD-OCTImage result for Zeiss Cirrus HD-OCTImage result for Zeiss Cirrus HD-OCTImage result for Zeiss Cirrus HD-OCT

    The ZEISS Cirrus HD-OCT 4000 (Cirrus HD-OCT or Cirrus) enable examination of the posterior and anterior of the eye at an extremely fine spatial scale, without surgical biopsy or even any contact with the eye. The Cirrus HD-OCT builds on and refines the retinal imaging technology first introduced with the ZEISS Stratus OCT™. HD-OCT stands for “high-definition optical coherence tomography.”

    The Cirrus HD-OCT with Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer (RNFL), Macular, Optic Nerve Head, and Ganglion Cell Normative Databases is indicated for in-vivo viewing, axial cross-sectional, and three-dimensional imaging and measurement of anterior and posterior ocular structures.

    Indications for Use

    The Cirrus HD-OCT is a non-contact, high resolution tomographic and biomicroscopic imaging device. It is indicated for in-vivo viewing, axial cross-sectional, and three-dimensional imaging and measurement of anterior and posterior ocular structures, including cornea, retina, retinal nerve fiber layer, ganglion cell plus inner plexiform layer, macula, and optic nerve head. The Cirrus normative databases are quantitative tools for the comparison of retinal nerve fiber layer thickness, macular thickness, ganglion cell plus inner plexiform layer thickness, and optic nerve head measurements to a database of normal subjects. The Cirrus HD-OCT is intended for use as a diagnostic device to aid in the detection and management of ocular diseases including, but not limited to, macular holes, cystoid macular edema, diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration, and glaucoma.

    Note: The Cirrus HD-OCT is not intended to be used as the sole diagnostic for disease.

    Essential Performance

    The Essential Performance of the instrument is to provide accurate measurements of anterior and posterior ocular structure.

    Patient Population

    The Cirrus HD-OCT may be used on all adults in need of diagnostic evaluation of the eye. This includes (but is not limited to) patients with the following disabilities or challenges:

    • Wheelchair user
    • Very low or not measurable visual acuity
    • Fixation problems
    • Postural problems
    • Deafness
    • Large body, but not those above 99th percentile based on anthropomorphic data

    There is a general requirement that the patient be able to sit upright and be able to place their face in the chin and forehead rest of the instrument (with or without supplemental human or mechanical support).

    Cirrus HD-OCT is designed for in-vivo viewing, axial cross-sectional, and three-dimensional imaging and measurement of anterior and posterior ocular structures.


    HD-OCT Imaging
    Methodology: Spectral Domain OCT
    Optical Source: superluminescent diode (SLD), 840 nm
    Optical Power: < 725 μW at the cornea
    Scan Speed: 27,000 A-scans per second
    A-Scan depth: 2.0 mm (in tissue), 1024 points
    Axial resolution: 5 μm (in tissue)
    Transverse resolution: 15 μm (in tissue)

    Fundus Imaging
    Methodology: Line scanning ophthalmoscope
    Live Fundus Image: During alignment and during OCT scan
    Optical Source: Superluminescent diode (SLD), 750 nm
    Optical Power: < 1.5 mW at the cornea
    Field of View: 36 degrees W x 30 degrees H
    Frame rate: >20 Hz
    Transverse resolution: 25 μm (in tissue)

    Iris Imaging
    Methodology: CCD Camera
    Resolution: 1280 x 1024
    Live iris image: During alignment

    Electrical, Physical and Environemental
    Weight: 38kg (83 lbs)
    Dimensions: 65L x 44W x 53H (cm)
    Fixation: Internal, external
    Internal fixation focus adjustment: -20D to +20D (diopters)
    Input devices: Keyboard, mouse
    Electrical rating (115V) Single Phase, 100/120V~ systems:50-60Hz, 5A
    Fuse rating (115V) T 5A 250V
    Electrical rating (230V) Single Phase, 220/240V~ systems:50-60 Hz, 2.5A
    Fuse rating (230V) Fuse rating: T 5A 250V
    Convenience Receptacle output ratings 115V~, 0.5 A Max, 50-60 Hz
    Temperature (transport and storage) -40º to +70º C
    Relative humidity (transport and storage) 10% to 100%, including condensation
    Atmospheric pressure (transport and storage): 500 hPa to 1060 hPa
    Temperature (operation) +10º to +35º C
    Relative humidity (operation) 30% to 75%, excluding condensation
    Atmospheric Pressure (operation) 700 hPa to 1060 hPa


    • High performance multi-core processor
    • Internal storage: > 80,000 scans
    • CD-RW, DVD-ROM drive
    • Integrated 15" color flat panel display

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