• Tensys TL-400 Hemopath Tensimeter Monitor continuous non-invasive hemodynamic

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    Tensys TL-400 Hemopath Tensimeter Monitor continuous non-invasive hemodynamic monitoring systems.

    Excellent condition Ex demo new consumable set that includes new Sensor also used sensor included, uses left very on used sensors. 

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    Tensys Medical, Inc., a leader in the development and commercialization of continuous, non-invasive hemodynamic patient monitoring systems, has received CE Mark for both the TL-400 & TL-300, the company's latest generation systems. This will allow immediate commercialization of the systems throughout Europe. The TL-400 is a new member of Tensys' established T-Line family, which has successfully been used by over 50,000 patients since commercial launch. In addition to capturing a patient's beat-to-beat waveform and blood pressure in a completely non-invasive fashion, a simple touch of a button prompts the TL-400 to continuously display a patient's advanced hemodynamic parameters including but not limited to cardiac output (CCO), cardiac power (CPO), systemic vascular resistance (SVR), stroke volume variation (SVV), and pulse pressure variation (PPV). The TL-400 provides physicians with a stream of real-time advanced hemodynamic data that was only previously available using either highly invasive (pulmonary artery catheter and femoral artery thermodilution) devices or less invasive (radial artery pulse contour analysis) technologies. The sister TL-300, already cleared in the US and Chinese markets, displays a patient's beat-to-beat arterial waveform and blood pressure, avoiding the blind-time associated with a deflated or inaccurate cuff. Both the TL-400 and TL-300 can enhance overall hemodynamic monitoring, which has been definitively linked to improved clinical outcomes.

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