• Fluke VT Plus HF Gas Flow Ventilator Analyzer bi-directional flow,pressure UK

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    Fluke VT Plus HF Gas Flow Analyzer bi-directional flow,pressure UK
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    VT Plus HF Gas Flow Analyzer

    A benchtop ventilator tester with bi-directional flow, pressure, volume, oxygen concentration, and pressure measurements

    The VT PLUS HF is Fluke Biomedical’s premier general-purpose gas-flow analyzer. In addition, special display modes and bi-directional flow make it perfect for fully and efficiently testing both conventional mechanical ventilators and high-frequency ventilators. EC.6.20 now requires 100 % completion of scheduled life-support device preventive maintenance every year, and VT PLUS HF can help meet those requirements. Multiple special-function tests make troubleshooting quick and efficient.

    Key Features -When NEW
    • Bi-directional flow, pressure, volume, and oxygen concentration, and pressure measurements
    • Low- and high-pressure, and flow measurement capability
    • Special HF mode—up to 900 BPM (15 Hz)
    • RS-232 and printer ports
    • Included Windows-compatible graphics software
    • All 21 ventilator parameters displayed at once on one screen
    • Operation by user-friendly VT PLUS HF command mode or special RT-200 command mode
    • Minimum, maximum, average, absolute, and graph for all parameters
    • Multiple special-function tests for efficient troubleshooting
    • (Optional) Operation with a variety of precision simulation lungs available from Fluke Biomedical to complete a fully NIST-traceable ventilator testing system
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