• NSE Micro HD Endoscopic Camera Video System HD EV35R

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    NSE Micro HD Endoscopic Camera Video System HD EV35R 

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    North-Southern Electronics Limited _Medical cameraMicro Endoscopic Video System - Photon Surgical Systems Ltd

    Wireless design, flexible and portable

    Highly integrated lightweight design, compact structure, beautiful shape

    High-definition imaging, with fine picture

    High performance sensor and excellent image processing method can effectively eliminate the moire phenomenon and make the picture clear and bright.

    Adjustable Angle for easy observation

    The LCD display can be flipped 120° to keep the best viewing angle.

    Large storage, environmentally friendly battery

    It can store pictures and videos of long time, and provide long battery life

    New, used, spare and repair medical equipment can be dangerous to a patient as well as operating personnel please read are terms and condition Terms
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