• GE MAC 600 ECG Machine with 10 Lead ECG Leads Carry Bag Battery Charger Skintact

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    GE MAC 600 ECG Machine with 10 Lead ECG Leads Carry Bag Battery Charger Skintact
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    The MAC 600 ECG Machine from GE Healthcare is a high performance, portable and compact 12 lead resting ECG machine. MAC 600 ECG is ideal for a busy GP surgery wanting to perform ECG’s where a PC may not be readily available and community nurses requiring a portable ECG device for domiciliary visits
    The MAC 600 System utilises ‘Hook Up Advisor’, which combined with the Marquette® 12SL ECG analysis programme, gives the most accurate automated interpretation in existence. The ECG can be monitored on the large colour screen and ‘Hook Up Advisor’ indicates the quality of the ECG signal from every lead to ensure acquisition of a high quality ECG. ECG’s can be printed out immediately using the integral printer or stored in the memory for batch printing.

    ECG interpretation:  Marquette® 12SL™ ECG Analysis Program for Adults and Pediatrics

    Computerised measurements:  12-lead analysis

    ECG analysis frequency:  500 samples/second

    Digital sampling rate:  2,000 samples/second/channel

    ECG on-screen preview:  On-screen preview of acquired 10-second ECG waveform

    Dynamic range:  AC Differential ± 5mV, DC offset ±300 mV

    Resolution:  4.88 μV/LSB @ 500 sps

    Frequency response:  –3 dB @ 0.01 to 150 Hz

    Low cut-off frequency:  0.01 Hz, 0.02 Hz, 0.16 Hz or 0.32 Hz (-3 dB limits)

    High cut-off frequency:  Configurable at 20 Hz, 40 Hz, 100 Hz or 150 Hz

    Adaptive AC filter:  47 Hz to 53 Hz when set to 50Hz, 57 Hz to 63 Hz when set to 60 Hz

    Common mode rejection:  >100 dB (with AC filter switched on)

    Input impedance:  >10MΩ @ 10 Hz, defibrillator protected

    Patient leakage:  <10 μA

    Heart rate meter: 30 to 300 BPM ±10% or ±5 BPM

    Start-up time: Less than 7 seconds

    Patient Information

    Supported patient information:  Patient ID, secondary ID, age, date of birth, gender.

    Alphanumeric entry:  T9 type for patient ID and secondary ID.


    Display type:  4.3 inch (110 mm) diagonal, TFT LCD with LED graphics backlit (colour optional)

    Display resolution:  480 X 272 pixels with scrolling waveform

    Display data:  Heart rate, patient ID, clock, battery power indicator, waveforms, lead labels, speed, gain and filter settings, warning messages, information messages, prompts, 12-leads standard.


    Writer technology:  Thermal dot array

    Writer speed:  5, 12.5, 25, & 50 mm/s

    Number of traces:  3 leads + 1 rhythm or 3 leads; user selectable

    Writer sensitivity/gain:  2.5, 5, 10, 20, 10/5 mm/mV

    Writer speed accuracy:  ±5%

    Writer amplitude accuracy:  ±5%

    Writer resolution:  Horizontal 40 dots/mm @ 25 mm/s, 8 dots/mm vertical

    Paper type:  Thermal. Z-fold perforated, 80 mm width, 280 sheets/pack. Roll paper 15.7 m.


    Type:  Type Membrane keyboard with tactile feedback

    Software Standard

    Resting ECG mode:  Records and prints 12-lead resting ECGs with 10-second duration as standard

    Hookup Advisor™:  Provides visual indication of signal quality

    Multi-language support:  Supports 16 languages

    Software Options

    Colour: Colour display

    External storage:  200 ECGs in external memory (SD card)

    Transmission:  ECG data transmission via serial cable

    XML format:  ECG storage in XML format

    PDF format:  1 ECG storage in PDF format

    Communication (optional)

    MUSE® Cardiology Information System Compatible

    Serial cable:  ECG transmission to MUSE Cardiology Information System

    Serial cable:  ECG transmission in XML format

    SD card interface: Compatible with MUSE v7 CardioSoft™ Interface

    SD card interface: Compatible with Cardiosoft V6.51


    Power supply:  External AC/DC adaptor or battery operation

    External Adaptor Specifications

    Input voltage:  100 to 240 VAC ±10%

    Input current:  Maximum 0.6A @ 90 VAC, 0.3A @ 240 VAC

    Input frequency:  50 to 60 Hz ± 3Hz

    Output voltage:  12V ± 5%

    Battery Specifications

    Battery type:  Replaceable and rechargeable, Lithium Ion

    Battery capacity: 7.2V typical, 2.25 AH ±10%

    360 minutes of continuous operation without recording or 250 ECGs in 2.5 X 4 format at 25 mm/S and 10 mm/mV or 100 minutes continuous rhythm print at 25 mm/S and 10 mm/mV.

    Battery charge time:  Approximately 3 hours from total discharge (with display off)

    Physical Specification

    Height:  81 mm

    Width:  263 mm

    Depth:  208 mm

    Weight:  1.2 Kg including battery, without paper

    Environmental Specification


    Operating:   5°C to 40°C

    Transport/storage:  -15°C to 50°C


    Operating:  25% to 95% RH non-condensing

    Transport/storage:  25% to 95% RH non-condensing

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