• Edan F9 Fetal Monitor with Edan FT3 Fetal Telemetry System Spo2 Ecg NIBP 3 Toco

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    Edan F9 Fetal Monitor with Edan FT3 Fetal Telemetry System Spo2 Ecg NIBP 3 Toco

    Version 2.82G
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    Edan F9 Fetal Monitor DECG/IUP Option edan f9, edan fetal monitor, edan f9 fetal

    Edan F9 Fetal Monitor DECG/IUP Option

    The Edan F9 is high-end fetal & maternal monitor, it offers the most advanced integrated monitoring for the delivery room in big hospital;private obstetrician's office;antepartum clinic. F9, designed for moving situations, covers the entire continuum of antepartum, intrapartum and postpartum applications.


    • Main Unit (3 Year Standard Warranty)
    • 12.1” Color TFT w/Touch Screen
    • Probe Rack
    • Display Waveforms and Digitals Simultaneously
    • 150/152mm Wide Paper Support US/International Standard
    • IUP Function
    • Twins FHR, Toco,AFM, Fetal Movement,
    • Maternal Parameters: ECG, HR/PR, NIBP, SpO2, TEMP. High Resolution and Long Life Built-in Thermal Printer
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    FTS-3 Fetal Telemetry System

    FTS-3 Fetal Telemetry System offers comfortable, seamless fetal monitoring for antepartum
    and intrapartum clinical needs. Designed with convenience and flexibility for mothers and
    obstetrical care givers, FTS-3 measures external twins FHR, and uterine activity via TOCO

    • Unique twins FHR monitoring
    • Highly sensitive 12-crystal FHR probe
    • Dual Color OLED display
    • Automatically probe identification
    • Great freedom of movement for the patient
    • Cordless waterproof probe for water delivery
    • Long lasting rechargeable battery for the probe and base station
    • Base station with built-in antenna
    • Compatible with F6/F9/F9 Express

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